Servicing Cardiovascular Equipment

Upon completion of the course the attendee will be able to:

  • Assess associated risks to patients connected to cardiovascular equipment
  • Explain the ECG complex waveform pattern (PQRST).
  • Summarise the principles of:
    – Electrocardiograph operation
    – Defibrillator operation
    – Pacemaker operation
    – Pulse oximetry
  • Interpret a block diagram showing the electrical paths of the heart
  • Explain different heart arrhythmias
  • Explain how artificial pacing works
  • Interpret the range of statutory and advisory documentation relating to the repair and maintenance of cardiovascular equipment
  • Assess all cardiovascular equipment for electrical safety in accordance with regulations
  • Use an electrical safety analyser correctly and safely when testing cardiovascular equipment
  • Use dedicated test equipment correctly and safely on cardiovascular equipment
  • Carry out maintenance of cardiovascular equipment in accordance with the manufacturer’s information

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